Sports – Partnering with the Baseball and Softball Club Kragujevac

Sports can be one of the greatest tools for personal developement.

Through sports we desire to teach identity, integrity, teamwork, service and excellence, all of which will help young people develop into strong leaders who can impact their community for years to come. Our current partner is the baseball and softball club in Kragujevac who regulary receives teams of volunteers from the US. We have seen life transformation through baseball. If you are interested in joining a team for an upcoming trip write us here. You can also help financially by giving toward one of the projects listed below.

Help kickoff a summer little league program for youth in central Serbia

June 15-August 15, 2018

  • Overhead = $2450 (Field rental, registration, tournament fees, chalk, trophies, utilities etc.)
  • Price per player $25/player (T-shirt and hat covered in player fee)
  • 8 teams of 12 = 96 kids x $25 = $2400

Help Support club team be able to complete year round 

  • Cost to travel for games $150/trip x 6 away games = $900
  • Cost to practice in gym during winter months $120/month x 6 months = $720
  • Cost to rent field for games in summer months $50/day x 6 home games = $300

If you’d like to give, we have 3 simple ways you can give your tax-deductible gift below.

Option 1 – AutoPayment – This is the most convenient option for most donors. Have your donation transferred from your checking account as a one-time gift or set up recurring weekly/monthly donations.

Option 2 – Instant Donation -give instantly through Credit or Debit card via PayPal.

Option 3 – By Mail
– send a check by mail to:

Bridges for Christ International

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