Leadership Training

Leadership Training – Partnering with “Veći od mene” (Literally “Bigger than me”)

Provide funds for a yearly fall evangelism festival to spur on evangelism across the Balkans. 

Most congregations in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro are smaller than 30 believers and many lack confidence to share their faith and/or the resources to share the gospel broadly. We believe a hands-on training in evangelism will give local believers confidence to share boldly. By also providing Bibles to distribute we will be equipping them with the tools needed to broadly sow the Word of God.

  • Support a national believer receiving a three day training and practicum in evangelism $60.
  • Provide Bibles in the modern Serbian Translation.
  • $1 for NT goal 10,000 = $10,000
  • $4.50 Complete Bible

Provide leadership training seminars with topics including: self-leadership, leading others, leading teams, leading to change culture, negotiations, marriage, parenting seminars etc. 

Leadership training seminars provide resources for better self-leadership, better leadership in the home and better leadership in the community. We believe better leaders will lead to the development and transformation of individuals and communities.

  • Use your professional skills and come lead a seminar for us!
  • Sponsor a seminar $300
  • Sponsor a person to attend a seminar $15 (includes a meal and materials)

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